Anaerobic digestion - our renewable energy maker

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

It doesn't sound fancy, does it? It certainly doesn't smell fancy, when you're within its concrete walls, but it's a fantastic way of producing renewable energy using our less-than-perfect potatoes and our forage crops like rye and maize.

We are - first and foremost - potato farmers and crisp makers. But we can't grow potatoes on every field, every year. That would not be good for the soil and we wouldn't be able to carry on doing what we do for very long, let alone the three generations we have been.

Entery rye and maize! They're good interim crops, stopping soil from becoming loose and ending up in waterways as well as making good use of the land. They can also be used to make electricity, by being placed in our anaerobic digester, where conditions are just so and biogases get produced before being converted to electricity. The energy produced is used to power our crisp factory and our cold stores. We also have solar panels for the needs of our little office!

One of the other fantastic bits of having this on site is that the 'digested' maize, rye and leftover potatoes make for a wonderful fertiliser for our potato crop!

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