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We want to be making delicious snacks for some time to come, and that means taking care of our place in the world and the people who make the Ten Acre magic happen. We're always looking for new ways to live that purpose, and on this page you'll find a few...



Around the farm, we make sure that we have plenty of wild habitat for the insects, birds and mammals that call it home. we have dedicated areas for plants that bees love as well as an annual tree planting effort to reduce our carbon footprint - and we're on our way to carbon zero.

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When it rains, it pours... into our very own reservoir to capture rain, making sure it's not wasted. This means that when things get drier we can be less reliant on other water sources, which is better for both us and the environment.

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There's also an anaerobic digestion plant (we call it 'the AD') on site, which takes the potatoes we can't use, as well as the maize and rye we grow, and produces renewable energy from biogas. It's really very clever. When digested, what's left also works as fantastic fertiliser, so it's back to the field to help our potatoes grow even better! We also have solar panels on site, which power our offices.

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Packaging is a head-scratcher, but we're determined to nail it. We don't want to be using single use plastic. There are lots of 'nearly there' options from compostable to recyclable, and we're getting pretty excited now because we think we might be onto something. Watch this space!